Music in Motion

 A project to create “sign languages” in different art forms and disciplines as “physical and visual notation” that transcribe the movements of the music as faithfully and precisely as possible while making the “languages” themselves interesting and artistic enough to stand in their own right.

Photos by Franco Chen

The idea came after many years of working as a musician, first as a “pure” musician playing the music for the music, then moving into the theatre world where all the projects I have been involved in had something other than music as a core element of the piece.
Now that I have experienced both two fields, I felt compelled and inspired to create a field that stands in the middle.

 I have been so fortunate to have so much support from many people and organisations to take the first step into this adventure and have just finished a 2-week R&D with Caroline Parker MBE, Mark Smith, Ruth Montgomery, Avatara Ayuso, and Jacob Casselden, 4 out of whom are deaf artists working professionally with music.

 At this point there are 3 categories I would like to pursue with this project.

1) Development and production of purely artistic performance pieces using the system created
2) Development and distribution of educational systems and inclusive theatre experiences using the method
3) Development of tools that can allow deaf people to experience different parts of music interacting

You can view the video below to have a better idea of the project and if you think you can contribute to this project in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can view the whole sharing below